Friday, May 17, 2013

'Neighbours from Hell' **UPDATE**

Post by 'Eric'

Before the wall came down in East Germany, the STASI had very many informers, snitches, snoopers ... call them what you will ... in East Germany they were called 'Spitzel'.  These 'Spitzel' were your next door neighbours who unknown to you were regularly supplying the STASI with all types of information on you. This could have very dire consequences upon you and your family. lt was all done in secret, nobody but the STASI knew who the 'Spitzel' were. That was until the wall came down and the STASI Headquarters were raided by the people who found all the files and the names of these 'Spitzel'. To this day, many of these Spitzel are hated and loathed in Germany.

Here down High Brighton Street we have our own version of the Spitzel ... residents call them the 'Neighbours from Hell'. They have been constantly putting in vexatious complaints to the ERYC, Police, Traffic Wardens, RSPCA etc about many residents down High Brighton Street since circa 2002. They hide behind the data protection of all the afore mentioned so that they remain anonymous ... but l know who they are and so do other residents.

Want to see what our Spitzel complain about? Below is an extract from an actual complaint. Yes, our Spitzel do indeed keep logs on residents here. Pathetic, isn't it? Yet all the afore mentioned authorities have to take them seriously and waste valuable time and resources on these vexatious complaints.

Don't be afraid if you receive a letter from someone like ERYC that lists complaints about you. lt's nothing at all to worry about, just deny it and tell them to stop bothering you. Turn the tables round and put complaints in about the 'Neighbours from Hell' ... other residents have!

Another development is the 'Neighbours from Hell' have acquired an acolyte :)

Extract from log kept by 'Neighbours from Hell' against residents sent to ERYC

Saturday 4/8/12
13.31 - duration approx 10-15 mins
Loud music from transit. Owner sat in vehicle

Thursday 9/8/12      
16:10 - duration not stated
Minibus owner working on minibus with an electric drill

Sunday 2/9/12
not specified
 Back and forwards to minibus almost all afternoon.  Banging doors.  

Wednesday 5/9/12
not specified
Banging from minibus  

Sunday 16/9/12
before 10:00 - 13:00
Working on transit. Hammering  

Sunday 16/9/12
14:00 - 15:00
Hammering and playing music from the van.

Sunday 21/10/12
Drilling inside transit.

Sunday 21/10/12
Loud thumping music from transit.

Saturday 1/12/12
10:00 - late afternoon
Intermittently working on transit van.

Constant noise - not specified

Monday, May 13, 2013

What could possibly go wrong?

Guest Post

High Brighton Street's double yellow lines have been getting a bit scruffy, the winter freeze has spread the cracks and broken them up
But wait! ...  help is at hand!

Some 'public-spirited citizen', (yeah, right), has been trying their hand at DIY with yellow paint. l wonder who that could be? It’s amusing to think that this was done by the person who previously contacted the Council to inform them that somebody had vandalised the lines! You remember the 'Neighbours from Hell'

The DIY is a  bit amateur, streaky, done with a paintbrush ... and now it looks like they’ve tripped over the paint pot! Oops!

I haven’t had any more tickets, incidentally. 36-nil. Undefeated. Perhaps the Council got sick of losing the fight, or maybe they don’t want the illegality of the lines to receive further exposure. Have any readers had a parking ticket on High Brighton Street in recent months?

l'll leave you with this:-

Can you guess what it is yet? :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

THAT ERYC Legal Dept Letter

Hi Folks, it's 'Eric' here ... it's nice to be back amongst technology again. l must give thanks to my friend for taking the time to put up the previous posts. l've been in Europe for a while but now l've returned it's time for a little catch up.

lt seems the 'Neighbours from Hell' are up to their usual tricks ... more vexatious complaints to the Police and ERYC. It's maddening how readily the Police and ERYC become the tools for the 'Neighbours from Hell'. You'd think the Police and ERYC would take stock of all the vexatious complaints that have been made and say 'Enough!' ... but as yet that has not happened. We can but hope.

Anyway, to the matter at hand ... ERYC Legal Dept did not respond to my offer ... there has only been silence. Which reminds me, l've now got the letter from their Legal Dept. Want to see it? ... well, here it is ...

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

Scary huh?  :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

An Offer to ERYC Legal Dept

Another post from Eric in the Wilderness

Well, l've just spent a long time talking to a retired legal friend. Those of you who know me will know who l'm talking about. We discussed the situation and he came up with a proposal and l must say that he talks sense. l tried to be amicable at the very beginning so l shall try to do so once again :-

Dear ERYC Legal Dept,
                                if you provide me with a full written apology from those  at ERYC that falsely accused me of criminal damage and intimidating & threatening behaviour (contained in the 'evidence' presented to the Traffic Penalties Tribunal on 19th Feb 2013), l shall remove this blog ( in it's entirety.

You may have 7 days to respond from the date this proposal was posted on this site.

Thank you. 

Eric's cont fight with East Riding Yorks Council

A post from Eric from the wilderness (lol)

When l first started this blog it was because l just wanted to share my experience with ERYC CPE and highlight what they were doing. l'm certain l'm not the only one who has suffered at their hands but l had no great expectations of getting many visitors and indeed that was the case ... l was lucky to get double figures per day. However l carried on because l needed to finish my account and that l believed would be Part 6. From there, l fully expected this blog to remain at that. What further entrenched this expectation was the total lack of response from ERYC bosses, South Holderness Councillors and ALL the councillors at Withernsea Town Council. l'd contacted them all.

When you read their profiles you see such words as integrity, freedom, justice and so forth. They seem not to understand what these words actually mean. In fact, it reminds me of the French Vichy Government of World War 2.

l'm also reminded of this " All that is needed for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good men to remain silent". Well the silence has been deafening.

So l thought 'Well, that's it',  my only seemingly forlorn hope was if ERYC did something stupid otherwise the blog would gather dust, be covered in cobwebs and disappear into virtual obscurity. Lo and behold! up turn ERYC Legal Dept and threaten me. No longer was l getting vistors in double figures if l was lucky, l now have thousands! :) l still don't have this alleged letter from the ERYC Legal Dept but that's their own fault. They should've talked to Paula Danby, Service Manager of ERYC Streetscene Sevices. She had my contact address before ERYC  Legal Dept allegedly sent this letter. Seeing as Streetscene Services supposedly asked the ERYC Legal Dept to take action against me ... you would think they'd talk to each other! :)

l do hope they continue, l'd love to go to court and defend my position. There's every chance that my story would then go national and my visitor stats will then go through the roof. Now that would be something!

l'm writing this on my phone and will send it to my friend to post as l have no internet here. l'm currently camped up at the side of a forest next to a lake ... it's stunning. Pity l can't send photos but l'll try and post them at a later date. lt is very tranquil and relaxing. l suppose at some point l'll have to visit to the rat race but l'm in no hurry.

One last thing, l think l need a pseudonym as author of this blog. Seeing as my blog is against ERYC, phonetically that comes across as ERIC. I shall be Eric! :)

Bye for now,
Thanks everybody for all the comments. lt's appreciated

Monday, March 11, 2013

Can you trust ERYC lawyers?

The Local Authorities (Indemnities for Members and Officers) Order 2004 No 3082

Restrictions on indemnities

6.—(1) No indemnity may be provided under this Order in relation to any action by, or failure to act by, any member or officer which—
(a)constitutes a criminal offence; or
(b)is the result of fraud, or other deliberate wrongdoing or recklessness on the part of that member or officer.
(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1)(a), an indemnity may be provided in relation to—
(a)subject to article 8 below, the defence of any criminal proceedings brought against the officer or member; and
(b)any civil liability arising as a consequence of any action or failure to act which also constitutes a criminal offence.
(3) No indemnity may be provided under this Order in relation to the making by the member or officer indemnified of any claim in relation to an alleged defamation of that member or officer but may be provided in relation to the defence by that member of officer of any allegation of defamation made against him. 

Can you trust ERYC lawyers?


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can you trust your council?

l'm not the author of this blog but l am now, amongst others, a contributor.

The 1992 Act specified 15 metres of lines on both High Brighton Street and Cheverton Ave. Both cul-de-sacs. 
HB St has a turn-round at the end, Chevy doesn't. But 15 metres for both. More would be a waste of parking space.

Yet the Council put 24 metres on HB St. A whole car length illegally wasted on each side.
The Police trusted the Council, and enforced the extra 9 metres for 19 years.
Anyone who paid a ticket there, (trusting the Police?) was robbed.

The new 2011 Act gave the Council the right to keep the money, and also said the lines were now legal as they are. "No change to lines or parking arrangements."
Still 24 metres for HB with a turn-round, but only 15 metres for Chevy without.

On the plans, the "no change" lines actually show 27.5 metres now, so the Council can quietly stretch them further, later.
More revenue-raising parking space destruction. But "no change", they promised.

I have raised these points at 4 Tribunal appeals for 8 tickets on HB St. The Council do not deny it, but they say it doesn't matter. Not their problem. "The Police's fault, not ours."
The Tribunal allowed all 8 appeals. I won. The Council lost, every one. But they continue to give tickets there.
The Council relies on people trusting their integrity, (or fearing their power?)

Is HB St unique? Or is the Council ripping people off, all over East Yorkshire?

Do you trust your Council? Would they steal from you, with threats of further penalty if you refuse to pay?


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't Tell ERYC Civil Parking Dept But .....

lt's taken a month or so to find one l like and tonight (4th March) l finally achieved it. Best of all, l'm not the registered keeper either ( the vehicle that got me involved in this fight with ERYC l was the registered keeper but not the owner) Once upon a time your possessions filled boxes and boxes. Thanks to todays technology that is no longer the case. My music collection is all digital and stored upon my iPod (1500+ albums), books are on my Kindle and all my letter,docs, photos etc etc are on my Macbook. ...  all backed up in the ether cloudy thingy.

Still have no letter from ERYC and l'm beginning to think my mate has been winding me up :) lf it does turn up l'll scan it and post it on the blog.

Never the less, l'm still going to the police in regards to the tribunal. ERYC started this fight despite myself trying to be amicable at the very beginning. l'll go the distance on this one. Anyway come back for updates when l can which shouldn't be too difficult the amount of free wifi out there.:)

Happy Days!

Some music for the road!

Friday, March 1, 2013

**UPDATED** Threatening Letter from ERYC!

My friend tells me l've got a threatening letter from ERYC. They allegedly threaten to get an injunction against the blog if l don't remove the Civil Enforcement Officers (Traffic Warden) photo and names of council members. l haven't seen it yet because l'm no longer there so l'll wait till l get it. Why they posted it through his letterbox l have no idea because they know that isn't my address and l have that on record that ERYC know my current address!

Looks like l upset ERYC :)

I'm wondering if a reply referring them to the reply re Arkell v Pressdram would be appropiate? :)


Withernsea Police and their Traffic Wardens issued parking tickets for 19 years on double yellow lines that were unenforceable. ERYC put down double yellow lines 9 metres longer than they should have been. ERYC's planning shows quite clearly that the double yellow lines down High Brighton Street, Withernsea should've been only 15 metres long but ERYC made them 24 metres. ERYC planning only granted lines of 15 metres length.

In court it was stated that these double yellow lines were unenforceable and ERYC admitted that this was the case. l know personally of 28 parking tickets that were quashed. Since Nov 2011, the police and their traffic wardens no longer issue parking tickets as ERYC took over that responsibility with their new Civil Parking Enforcement Dept. They still issue parking tickets on these double yellow lines. The total (that l know of) number parking tickets quashed now stands at 36!

One wonders what the total number of parking tickets issued is and how many of these were paid simply because it's cheaper to pay than fight them? One also wonders how many other streets in Withernsea or indeed the whole of East Riding under ERYC have double yellow lines that have fallen foul of the planning regs?

Any ERYC Councillors (South East Holderness) out there willing to find out or will the silence be deafening? I did e-mail them all incl the Withernsea Town Council councillors.

Still don't have any letter from ERYC Legal Dept. One wonders why they sent this letter to an address that they knew l wasn't at ????

Thanks to everyone who sent me e-mails etc and the support contained in them. lt really is appreciated. Also, part from the Streisand Effect it would seem there's a 'l am Spartacus' happening too.

Well we'll see where this all ends. As for me, it's time for me to get organised with other aspects of my life. Got a new venture that's high on the agenda :)

Part 6 Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive" Sir Walter Scott

I'll do the same as I did with YE07 in Part 5 except l'll cutout all the technical stuff about regs and so forth as all we shall be addressing is Mark Greenley's  'evidence' which comes across to me as personal attacks upon myself.


Submitted by Civil Penalty Enforcement Supervisor, Mark Greenley

Really? Does Mark Greenley provide any evidence for this statement or are we simply to believe whatever Mark Greenley says? :)


Mark Greenley simply repeats this totally false allegation from 'Mrs Neighbour from Hell' courtesy of YE07. No mention of ERYC not reporting it to the police. However, l did report this totally false allegation to the police. 


You'll note that Mark Greenley makes no reference to YE07's earlier visit to High Brighton Street at 13.03 that day. No reference to the vehicle was broken down and her conversation with me between 13.03 and 13.08 yet YE07 does, albeit without any times. Mr Greenley is not exactly untruthful as such but he certainly does not give the whole facts.


Whoa Mr Greenley! You're going into fantasy mode now! Where does YE07 ever state that she 'attempted to leave the street'? (see Part 5) Where has this come from?  Does she have a disability that you know of that makes it difficult for her to walk perhaps? Mr Greenley then goes further and states 'for her own safety'. Where does this come from? Certainly YE07 makes no mention of it! Such actions would merit calling the police immediately .... but no-one did and there's a reason for that. lt didn't happen Mr Greenley!
       The laughable thing you put in from YE07 is this 'unknown male riding past on a bike'. We already know the aversion to calling the police but YEO7 didn't get his name or address after fearing for her safety??? Yeah right ! :)
     The fact of the matter is l was not there when YE07 left the street. l'd gone to the house to get my iPhone after telling YE07 that l did not want to talk to her. This is verified by a statement presented to the tribunal by an independent witness (I do get witnesses details). Also YE07 doesn't support your allegations in her statements (see Part 5). 
     Why does Mr Greenley find it necessary to present unsubstantiated false allegations against me? Especially ones that are a criminal offence in the eyes of the police!


l don't seem to have these photos mentioned above. Perhaps the Adjudicator has them.

Mr Greenley is now going into overdrive mode in his fantasyworld. The implications of this statement by him seems very obvious to me. Already we have a false allegation from 'Mrs Neighbour from Hell' that falsely identifies me as causing criminal damage and now we have Mr Greenley saying that the double yellow lines were replenished on 06/08/2012 and damaged again by 07/08/2012. Strangely, YE07 doesn't mention this in her 'evidence'. Why is that, Mr Greenley? .... because your allegation is false! Do you want proof Mr Greenley? Well here it is :-

Oops, it wasn't 06/08/2012 when the lines were finally replenished ... it was 08/08/2012! Lets find out who provided that information.

It was YOU, Mr Greenley! ... Do you notice the date? :) Now then, when did you complete the 'evidence' against me?

Mmmmm, Houston we have a problem. You are not the only one that keeps files Mr Greenley. The date of 08/08/2012 is from a previous tribunal case. Want a bit more evidence to make it conclusive Mr Greenley? How about from the Tribunal of 19th Feb 2013? Note;- Mr ******* is not me.

"It is common ground that the Council had very shortly before the PCNs were issued attempted to repaint the lines but the work could not be completed up to the point where the restriction ended probably because of a parked vehicle. Although Mr ******* appeared to be under the impression that the Council had provided misleading information Mr Greenley readily accepts that the work was not actually completed until 8 August 2012, the day after the last of the PCNs was issued."
                                                                                                            Mr Knapp (Adjudicator) 28th Feb 2013

lt's worth noting that Mr Knapp would not address our allegations the Council had provided false and misleading information to the tribunal. However at the end of the tribunal he gave us 7 days to provide any new information. Needless to say, we took full advantage of this and did indeed present our allegations

l received this back from the Adjudicators :-

l do find the letter a little strange as we are referring to evidence for the tribunal. One would think that the tribunal would like to be assured that the evidence is truthful. However the actual complete Reg 14 of the above says :-

14.—(1) A person who makes any representation under Part 2 or 3 of these Regulations, or 
under the Schedule so far as it relates to an appeal under Part 2 or 3, which is false in a material 
particular, and does so recklessly or knowing it to be false, is guilty of an offence. 
(2) A person convicted of an offence under paragraph (1) shall be liable on summary conviction 
to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale. 

recklessly or knowing it to be false ? ....   :)

Oh, and today l received this :-

My turn now l believe :) 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part 5 The Truth is Out There! **UPDATED**

After the correspondence with John Skidmore showed me that l was getting nowhere, l left it for a while. Then later on l received a package from the Tribunal with all ERYC's CPE 'evidence'. When l read it l was in total disbelief ... and angry, very angry. Read on and you will find out why. 

l've broken YE07's statement into parts and put my comments after each part in blue.

l must give thanks to the independent witnesses that were prepared to give a statement on what actually happened on the 7th August 2012. l am in your debt.

14.23 wasn't the first time the vehicle was seen, it was between 13.03 and 13.08 and that's from YE07's own log as seen here.
For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

Not only did YEO7 first see the vehicle at that time between 13.03 and 13.08, she was told the vehicle was broken down and would be fixed in about 2 hrs. YE07 said 'ok' to that and left. YE07 makes no mention of the tools and equipment lying about and the vehicles doors being open.

Of course YE07 saw nobody at the vehicle ... because you can't see the vehicle, nor under the vehicle or inside the vehicle! Maybe YE07 has x-ray vision? Below is the Google map of High Brighton Street followed by photos taken in sequence whilst walking the route of YE07. For fairness l've done both sides of road. Photos correspond to numbered arrows on Google map (Sorry arrows are in black. May redo them later).
Rolf Harris would say 'Can you see it (vehicle) yet? :)

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'












YE07 certainly hadn't seen me working on it because she couldn't see the vehicle whilst walking down the street! 

Oh so earlier at 1pm when l spoke to YE07 she didn't issue tickets to broken down vehicles then? Everything was fine then and she said it was ok about the 2hrs to fix it? (Am l glad that the neighbour sat outside in the garden had heard all that .... and now this!) What the hell had changed?
You'll note that YE07 states that she could see tools and the bonnet open :)

What had happened to ERYC's own procedures on broken down vehicles?

4.5 Breakdowns
If a vehicle has broken down in a restricted area and the driver is present then the Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will allow a reasonable amount of time for the vehicle to be removed. However, if a driver has left the vehicle and placed a note on the windscreen with no clear evidence of a breakdown, after the observation period then the CEO will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and make a record stating that a note was present. If the breakdown is legitimate, then the driver will be able to make a written representation through the appeal process and each case will be considered based on the individual circumstances.

No clear evidence of a breakdown??? YE07 has just written it in her notebook! 
Observation period??? ... yeah right. It took her just over 6 mins to walk down High Brighton St AND issue the ticket and put it on the vehicle!

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

No observation period like this driver/vehicle got then?

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

That driver/vehicle got Observation entered and l get a ticket? What the hell is going on? What has changed?

HERE WE GO! The 'Mrs Neighbour from Hell'. Remember in Part 4 when John Skidmore said this in an e-mail to me?

"It also confirmed that CEO YEO07 did not visit [Neighbours from Hell], Withernsea, to discuss the situation with the residents."

Nice try John Skidmore but no cigar! As l replied to him in the e-mail l said "l never said that YE07 called at [Neighbours from Hell] , l said 'reported to'. There is a distinct difference." Maybe John Skidmore will still deny that YE07 had been talking to them and fall back on YE07 had a divine intervention and suddenly for no reason at all wrote it in her notebook?

Of course when l read this accusation of criminal damage, l was incensed. Not only was it malicious and false, John Skidmore had never said anything about it in our correspondence. What was even more worrying was had the police been informed and if so why had they not visited me?

l was straight off to the police station. l saw an officer and explained about this accusation and asked if ERYC had reported it? He said there was no report! l was amazed at this. Here ERYC had a report of criminal damage, a supposed witness and they do nothing about it? lt beggared belief! 

So l then reported it to the police! lt was logged and l got a copy. l gave the name and address of the 'Neighbours from Hell' and showed them a copy of YE07's notebook. No doubt it seems madness to report an accusation against oneself to some people but l was entirely innocent of the accusation and wanted it logged. l asked the police if they wanted to question me and they said no, so l left.

To be honest, l can't be bothered to comment on the rest of this garbage after addressing the false accusations of criminal damage . lf John Skidmore or YE07 said 'Good Morning' to me, l'd know it was time to go to bed! 

Another point is, how can Mr Knapp the Adjudicator view any 'evidence' presented by ERYC CPE as truthful given the above? 

As for YE07 not liking me taking a photo of her ... here it is again. 

No l haven't forgot about Mark Greenley. He took YE07's statement in her notebook and took it to another level completely. YE07's statement is mild by comparison. Stay tuned and as they used to say in Hill Street Blues "Hey, let's be careful out there'

Next post ... Mark Greenley 


I forgot to include this. YE07 returned to High Brighton Street at 15.07 and stayed for just under 25 mins. She didn't issue any parking tickets and didn't 'observe' any vehicles so what was she doing all that time? John Skidmore would no doubt say she wasn't with in the 'Neighbours from Hell' :)

For Full Size ... Right Click ... then Left Click on 'Open Link in New Window'

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Part 4. The 'evasive' John Skidmore

John Skidmore and 2 Civil Enforcement Officers for 1 vehicle :)

l wrote to John Skidmore on the 17th Aug 2012. ln the correspondence l complained about YE07 and the involvement of the 'Neighbours from Hell' along with the ongoing issues with the double yellow lines that were deemed wrong in magistrates court. lt was a friendly letter and l hoped John Skidmore would respond positively and show how residents and the council can work together to resolve issues.  John Skidmore acted magnanimously and resolved everything!  .... sorry, l was dreaming there for a moment :)

With John Skidmore you have to look at what he doesn't say and the questions he ignores rather than what he does say. l don't say he lies, he's just somewhat conservative with the truth shall we say.

Amongst the numerous correspondence between John Skidmore and myself he had said at the beginning in his first response of 23rd Aug 2012 that the complaint against YE07 would be addressed. (Note.... a lot of the content of our correspondence got side-tracked onto the legalities of the double yellow lines down High Brighton Street. That being so, l'll leave that out for moment whilst we deal with the parking ticket. We shall do a section on this at a later date).

By the 27th Sept, l had still heard nothing about the complaint regarding YE07 so l wrote to him again :-

To: John.Skidmore@****************
Sent: Thursday, 27 September 2012, 22:37
Subject: Re: Car Parking Complaint Withernsea

Dear Mr Skidmore,
                           are you saying they've lost PCN ******** informal appeal? l shall dig out the recorded delivery receipt. However none of this invalidates my complaint regarding the PCN and YE07 that l sent to you. l have still heard nothing about this. What is going on?

[text removed re personal details]

l did say l would not publish about all this and have tried very hard to keep all this amicable. lt would seem there are those that see my past actions as a sign of weakness. l can assure you that this is far from the truth.

To begin with, l would like a response to my formal complaint about the actions of YE07.
          * **********

On the 15th Oct l finally got a response to my complaint about YE07. However 95% of John Skidmore's response had nothing to do with YE07. All there was one short paragraph and so l responded thus. l've removed the actual address of the 'Neighbours from Hell' and replaced it with the afore mentioned.

To: John.Skidmore@*******************
Sent: Tuesday, 20 November 2012, 13:30
Subject: Re: Car Parking Complaint Withernsea

Dear Mr Skidmore,
                                   l refer you to :-

'Your complaint about Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) YE07 has been investigated and CEO YE07 has been interviewed regarding the issue. The interview process confirmed the conversation that was held between yourself and CEO YE07 prior to the serving of the PCN on your vehicle. It also confirmed that CEO YEO07 did not visit [Neighbours from Hell], Withernsea, to discuss the situation with the residents.
I hope this clarifies the situation and completes the response to your complaint.'' (John Skidmore, 15th Oct 2012)

It certainly does not clarify the situation and neither does it complete the response to my complaint.

YE07 wrongly issued a parking ticket and l want it sorting. Your own procedures regarding broken down vehicles has been blatantly ignored along with the unethical practice of YE07.

Also for your information, l never said that YE07 called at [Neighbours from Hell], l said 'reported to'. There is a distinct difference.

As stated before, l have witnesses who will corroborate my complaint. Do you really intend to drag this out and waste more time and expense with tribunals and the like?

[text removed re personal details]

l shall not comment at this time regarding the legality of the double yellow lines despite your intentional avoidance of my specific questions. l want this wrongly issued parking ticket by YE07 sorted.

          * *********

So that one short paragraph was all there was regarding my complaint about YE07 ... and of course, the very poor attempt to deny any involvement from the 'Neighbours from Hell'

You remember at the beginning of this post l said it's what John Skidmore 'doesn't say' that is important? Well now we shall see in the next post what he kept back. This is now the nitty gritty and involves YE07's actual statement, copies of her electronic and written notebook and ERYC official data. This is what they sent to the Parking Tribunal of the 19th Feb 2013. lt contains false accusations against me of criminal damage and threatening abusive behaviour. None of this was reported to the police by ERYC though. l found this out when l reported it to the police!

There's also the little matter of photographic evidence that proves beyond doubt that YE07 is not averse to fairytales.

Next post  YE07's  actual 'evidence'  :)